Poli Sci Midterm

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What did Socrates Stand for?
1. What are the needs of the political community? What must all political communities do to insure their survival? What about Philosophy? What does philosophy seek? How does it go about this process? Before we get into what are the needs of a political community, lets define politics. What comes to your mind when you think of politics? For the purpose of this class, politics is the identification, maintenance, and transfer of the communities’ core values that are passed down from one generation to another. The needs of a political community have several factors that come together. These factors include governmental needs, power and institution separation, the organization of factions, the distribution of
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If the people stop fearing consequences, then society will not survive.

4. Does he invent new Gods? Or, does he follow the Gods of the city?

In Aristophanes the Clouds’, Socrates questions the role of the Gods in human’s everyday lives. Even though he explains to Strepsiades that clouds and rain are created by nature, not God, old Strepsiades misunderstands him and thinks Socrates is inventing new Gods. SOCRATES: “What Zeus! Don’t babble. Zeus doesn’t even exist.” (131). STREPSIADES “ And who is it that compels them to be borne along? Isn’t it Zeus?” (131). SOCRATES “Not in the least. It’s ethereal vortex. (131). STREPSIADES “ Vortex? I hadn’t noticed that Zeus doesn’t exist, and that instead of him Vortex is now King.” (131). Euthyphro believes that the traditional stories about the gods are true, unlike Socrates. “… why I am defendant against the indictments: that whenever someone says such things about the gods, I receive them somehow with annoyance…,” (47). Socrates explains to Euthyphro that if the Gods favor something, that alone does not make it pious. Socrates states he believes in “…sun and moon are the gods, as other human beings go. In Plato’s Apology of Socrates, Socrates says that the gods are considered the highest and most respected beings, and the citizens believe that they should follow the laws that were invented by the gods. With that he
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