Police Are Responsible For The Public

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Function 's of police, courts, and corrections involve all to most likely the same topic about laws. Police are who are responsible for the public, trying to prevent crime In towns or any state. Courts exist to do justice, able to resolve any disputes, making it fair to every person, by having evidence and what the laws say. Corrections care for the people, give custody and control. Having goals to protect populations, punishment is given to those found guilty, rehabilitation as well. The police are most responsible for the public, and trying to prevent the crimes that happen in any town or state. They are here to detect all crimes happening in all the states, police are to protect the people 's life that is in danger, also their property and liberty, of course. Crimes that are happening are increasing tremendously everyday after day as said. With no police here to help the society would be horrible not having any protection for you, your family, or anybody in need of help. The police today are really important to have around. As I read and learned that criminal law maintains order, law, and crime investigation. Administration of justice, police do play a really important role, because they are to protect one 's safety. Now getting to describing some of the functions and powers of the police officer. •Having to execute all warrants and orders by law that issue to a police officer with authority •Communication and collecting evidence that affect the public peace by
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