Police Body Camera Use: Not A Pretty Picture

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In the 21st century, anyone can get access to a camera. People have it on their phones, laptop, or just have a regular handheld camera. Many people use video cameras to showcase them self. For example, “We Are A Camera” by Nick Paumgarten says, “Though GoPro is known primarily for its connection to adventure sports, the camera is increasingly used in feature films and on TV, and by professional of many stripes- musicians, surgeons, chefs” (Paumgarten 334). By using a camera, it helps allow people in their occupation to show what they do in their job. A GoPro is a small box point of view camera that hooks up to a helmet or bike and films anything that the person is doing from his point of view. “Police Body Camera Use—Not a Pretty Picture” by…show more content…
For Example, the type situation that the public eye should not see on television or on social media is police treating an American citizen badly. According to Nick Paumgarten, “A video record has the effect of a Mandatory sentence. It deprives the police of discretion, and the public leniency. There are many things we’d rather not see or have seen” (Paumgarten 340). Clips of police shooting incident should not be easy to access in social media for kids to watch. Children will feel that they should not trust police officers. Giving out that exposure to a child is terrible and needs to stop. Video Cameras are not what are used for to film bloody controversy. For surveillance cameras, people will say it will invade their privacy. People do not want to be filmed in public. Also there is a bit of concern with police officers wearing cameras. According to “Police Body Camera Use—Not a Pretty Picture”, “Civil rights groups fear police will use cameras as sweeping surveillance equipment while patrolling minority neighborhoods” (Greenemeier “Police Body”). Next, people will say filming to promote or film oneself to get popular is a stupid idea. For example, a family said their child is inside of air balloon that is floating away and this was all over the news. Leaving people on the edge of the seats watching and worry about the child, hoping he did not get hurt. In the end, the police finally got to the balloon and notice that the kid was not there. The boy was in the attic the whole time through the situation. It came to found out that the dad wanted to get a reality show, to do that, he lied about that his son was in the balloon to get the attention of the media. Lastly, People could argue that videotaping can ruin a person experience. If a person is canoeing in the Everglades, he would not enjoy the natural the beauty of the national park gives because he is worried
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