Police Brutality : A Law Enforcement Officer

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When you take oath to become a law enforcement officer you are supposed to stand by the area that you work within and serve and protect. While working officers are put in thousands of different scenarios. While growing up you are taught proper ethics and values and should know the difference between what is right, and what is wrong. However; many officers break down and realize that being a law enforcement officer doesn’t pay as much as they like. They fall fortune to being greedy, stealing money, and even getting into the drug trade while they are in uniform. In the end these men and women that put on the uniform are just as bad as the drug dealers who sling dope on the corner. Police brutality is another big issue within law enforcement. At times police overuse the necessary amount of force that is needed and end up injuring and even at times killing another individual. These officers are also just as guilty as the ones that they have been placing under arrest.

Police departments were began approximately 350 years ago, and the first police department was established in the city of Boston. As soon as colonists had arrived there in 1630, confined regulations had allowed for constables to be prearranged. "Soon after, in April 1631, the townspeople formed a "watch" made up of six watchmen, one constable, and several volunteers who patrolled at night, walking the rounds" (Johnson, 2012). From 1630 until now a lot of things have changed within police departments.…
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