Police Brutality Against Black People

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Police officers are physically abusing and killing black people every day. Black communities are dissociating themselves from law enforcement because they view them as the enemy. Additionally, crime reporting numbers have been down in black neighborhoods after a series of high profile cases of police misconduct against black men have been surfacing in the news. For example, the crime reporting has shown a significant drop in the city of Milwaukee after a black man in the city was brutally beaten by white police officers. This problem has had effects on police community relations because a lot of citizens don’t trust law enforcement officers. Also, the officers that were involved in the vicious beating of two black men frank Jude and Lovell…show more content…
Police brutality against black people has been a hot topic over the past three years and police brutality affects all of us in some ways. For instance, five Dallas police officers were killed and many people believe that the shooting had something to do with police brutality that has been going on against black people. Furthermore, this ongoing problem will divide this country and protestors will continue to protest which eventually will results in more violence. We trying to fight police brutality because recent cases such as frank Jude, Oscar grant, Sean bell, Danyall Simpson which results in police officers using excessive use of force and killing black people for no reasons. After studies were done to measure crimes in the areas that police brutality has occurred, the research found that black community’s crime reporting has decline after these events. We can help solve this ongoing problem by protesting more and speak up against it. Also, we need to vote for individuals that wants to help and voted out the politicians that don’t care. Furthermore, we need to sue and take legal actions against the justice system and use our cameras to record everything that is going on for
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