Police Brutality And Its Effects

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Police brutality is a phenomena that is documented throughout a myriad of societies from Russia, China, Indonesia, Palestine, Egypt to the United States. Police brutality is the use of force which exceeds what is needed in order to accomplish a legal police purpose.Throughout America 's history, minorities, specifically Black people, have been the disproportionate target of police brutality. Amnesty International has documented several examples of police brutality, including instances of beatings, unjustified shootings, and excessively forceful detention methods which merit concern (Amnesty 1999).The pervasiveness of police shootings of citizens has been widely publicized in the media and stresses the fact that this is a national problem. While these occurrences are relatively infrequent the lack of any solution or way to minimize brutality has been an ongoing criticism by citizens and others of the United States’ police force. The term "excessive force" is utilized frequently, although there is no concrete definition of this term as it is subjective (Police Use of Excessive Force in Minority Communities). The use of force is either appropriate or excessive depending on if the use of force is necessary and justified for the officer to complete his job (Police Use of Excessive Force in Minority Communities). The use of deadly force is justified by law if the officer feels he or others are under imminent threat. There are many high profile cases of the use of excessive and
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