Police Brutality And Its Effects On The United States

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There is an ongoing conversation on what it will take to reduce police brutality in this country. There have been many suggestions by politicians on the ways that it could possibly be reduced. One of the things that is constantly brought is the possibility of police officers nationwide wearing mounted cameras on them throughout the duration of their shifts. This technology comes with both its positive and negative benefits, but it seems to be the topic most commonly talked about. I believe that this technology goes deeper than simply ensuring police officers aren’t victimizing the public. I believe that this technology carries many more benefits along with it. Upon graduating with a degree in Criminal Justice here at IUPUI I would like to possibly pursue a career with the FBI. This technology comes with many strengths that would make one want to implement it as soon as possible. One of the biggest strengths that not many people would think is actually true is the fact that the funding is actually there to get this technology to all police departments nationwide. President Obama recently approved the Body-Worn Camera Pilot Partnership Program to start making the cameras accessible to police departments nationwide (The United States Department of Justice). As part of President Obamas’ program nearly 75 million dollars would be invested to make 50,000 body cameras available to law enforcement agencies around the country. Another strength of this technology is the fact that it…
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