Police Brutality And Racial Profiling

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Police brutality refers to the intentional utilization of vituperations or extortionate force directed towards a country 's citizens by the police force. This extortionate force may be physical or in form of psychological dauntingness. Police brutality is highly evident in many countries all over the world especially in the news where such cases are reported. It is optically discerned as a form of police malfeasance which involves sexual abuse, police corruption, erroneous apprehends, racial profiling, and political repression. These forms of police brutality are mainly directed towards the vulnerably susceptible groups such as the poor, the impuissant and the elderly. Most of these police brutality actions are always linked to racism. Many countries have sanctioned their police force to utilize force in apprehending the suspects and withal in forfending themselves. They are however supposed to utilize plausible amounts of force in controlling any situation and in accomplishing their goals. Police brutality always contravenes the suspect 's constitutional rights and it should be ceased. This paper is going to discuss the police brutality; tolerance of police brutality in the society and ending police brutality (Socyberty.com, 2010).
Racial discrimination contributes to police brutality in the society. Some of the police brutalities actions are perceived in terms of racial profiling. This term (racial profiling) refers to the situation whereby a member of certain a race is
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