Police Brutality And Racial Profiling

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The use of police brutality and racial profiling is an unfortunate part of today’s society that needs to be addressed. Blacks are being stopped and searched by police officers in greater numbers compared to other races, and sometimes these situations escalate into violence. In the essay Blue On Black Violence: Freddie Gray, Baltimore, South Africa, & the Quietism of Africana Christian Theology, author Darryl Scriven, a Philosophy professor at Florida A&M University, reports that, “CNN reported that May 2015 was the deadliest month for Baltimore, Maryland in 16 years with 35 recorded, civilian-caused homicides” (Scriven 2015). He then goes on to say, “Most of the victims were African American” (Scriven 2015). This use of unnecessary force is not new. Police have employed the tactic of racial profiling to unfairly stop and search people of color, and some of time, this turns violent. There are several cases of police brutality that occurred in the past few years that show many similarities with cases from the past in Macintosh County.
Ed Finch was standing outside of his house arguing with a woman when Officer Hutchinson approached him, obviously annoyed by the loud yelling. Hutchinson claimed he was disturbing the peace and asked him to be quiet. Ed refused, which ended up with Hutchinson shooting Ed point blank in the face. He then dragged him to jail where he was left in a cell with no medical attention. The Black community in Macintosh gathered and marched on the court
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