Police Brutality And Racism

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It isn’t anything out of the ordinary that police brutality and racism go together. For years police brutality has been prominent in most cities of the world, but who is more likely to be subjected to this unnecessary treatment? Social class and colour of ones skin should not affect the treatment that these people endure from the police force; who are supposed to protect and enforce laws, not put unnecessary harm upon people. Events such as the Rodney King beating, Frank Jude, Amadou Diallo, along with many more cases that sometimes go unnoticed; with the power of social media and news outlets incidents with people can be misconstrued and intertwined with “fake” news. The officers involved in these cases are rarely incarcerated due to the power they have obtained in the eyes of the system. What many people don’t see is that there are many actions that can be taken to eliminate police brutality.

All of the said people mentioned above are a part of the minority, which will be discussed later on. There are always new findings of police brutality, “Never before has the issue of police brutality assumed the public urgency as it has today” (Reiss, A. [1968] Police Brutality-Answers To Key Questions, 5, 1). Research has shown that with the rising rates of brutality “blacks are more likely than whites to report having experienced involuntary, uncivil, or adversarial contacts with the police” (Howell, Susan, Perry Huey, and Vile Matthew; Political Behaviour, 26, 46).
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