Police Brutality And Racism

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The Stand-Still of Police Brutality and Racism America as a people revel when it comes to our freedoms we think we experience it better than other countries out there, but the defenders of our freedom are becoming frightened and disliked because of the intolerance performed by specific policemen. United States policemen play an important role in our citizens lives. Their job is to protect and serve from all hurt, harm, and danger. Lately in the twenty-first century we have been experiencing pain and hatred from our police departments. Seemingly our police department look only to make arrest against those of color. That is where the role of police brutality and racism comes in. Police brutality has become a repetitive topic rolling off our citizens tongue and being used in action by our police departments. Think to yourself and ask yourself what is the purpose of police brutality? Does racism cause police brutality? Police brutality and racism has played a big role in humiliating the safeness of our country. Police wrongdoing and instances of police brutality transpire in many forms and have many causes. One of the main causes is when new police officers join the force. They tend to follow the traditions and standards of recent police behavior and attitude. Trying to gain attention and go on rise in the force isn’t an excuse for brutality. Officers should undergo sensitivity training to join the force. Performing this will prevent crime and disorders from licensed premises. It should be mandatory for all officers, this will help them instead of relying on the excuse of having a bad day at work. Sirry Alang assistant professor of sociology and health, argues in her American journal that the impact of police brutality is much broader than simply affecting the individuals who have experienced racialized violence. The statement sets a tone by expressing the evidence individuals of color face. According to “Police Brutality and Black Health: Setting the Agenda for Public Health Scholars” police brutality affects individual dual and community health through its toll on productivity and on the economy. Racism takes place all over the world. According to merriam-webster dictionary, racism is a belief that race is

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