Police Brutality And Social Media Analysis

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To meet the full potential and demands, a police officer must complete a full training ses-sion in prior to committing to an agency, going into a field. Approximately 1,000 victims, sus-pects, and civilians were reported to have been killed by police officers in 2015. (Petrohilos) The most historical and publicly talked about where Trayvon Martin (February 26th, 2012), Eric Gar-ner (July 17th, 2014), Michael Brown (August 9th, 2014), and Freddie Gray (April 19th, 2015). Each tragedy labeled by the public and information broadcasted on social media, lead society to believe as acts of racism. The recent and consistent social media coverage of police brutality sup-ports the fact of police officers receiving the proper self-advocacy training will
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