Police Brutality And The Blue Uniform

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Michael Paul Maraffa
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November, 20 2014
Our Law Enforcement

Death, rape, illegal drugs, robbery, fraud; all things the men in the blue uniform are supposed to protect us from. But with more and more stories of corruption, police brutality, and racism, can we really trust these police officers? The men who we are supposed to call in the middle of the night when we hear a loud thud in our living room, or when we come home to realize all of our belongings are missing. Police brutality, corruption and racism; are all things our Law Enforcement today are accused of. As we continue to commit crimes and break the law there are more and more stories of how people are being wrongly accused of crimes they did not
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With more and more stories surfacing about people “randomly” being beaten in public, there is more and more trust lost in our Law Enforcement. This is also one of the most recent dramas we have had to deal with as a community. Everyone has heard about the Ferguson case and the very murky details surrounding it. The story differs depending on who you ask, but the story is that a white police officer shot an innocent African American male, Mike Brown. He then proceeded to run away and hide behind a car. Raising his hands to show the cop he was innocent, Brown, was then shot several more times and then died. Although the reason he was shot is still unclear there have been many riots and protests to get the truth about this incident. Another incident of police brutality is that of a Houston family who was reportedly beaten outside of their home by constables of Harris County in 2011. David Braxton Scherz was stopped outside his home for allegedly running a stop sign down the road. The police

footage in the squad car shows the constables holding him down with extreme force while another constable kicked and beat him. There are photos of Scherz and his family members with bruises that should not be there for running a stop sign and walking outside their house. They are looking to press charges against all constables involved in the incident. Another case of police brutality takes place in Hammond, Indiana. Police pulled over Lisa Mahone and Jamal Jones

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