Police Brutality And The Blue Uniform

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Michael Paul Maraffa
Mr. Pollard
Forensic Science 2nd
November, 20 2014
Our Law Enforcement

Death, rape, illegal drugs, robbery, fraud; all things the men in the blue uniform are supposed to protect us from. But with more and more stories of corruption, police brutality, and racism, can we really trust these police officers? The men who we are supposed to call in the middle of the night when we hear a loud thud in our living room, or when we come home to realize all of our belongings are missing. Police brutality, corruption and racism; are all things our Law Enforcement today are accused of. As we continue to commit crimes and break the law there are more and more stories of how people are being wrongly accused of crimes they did not commit. There are also more and more stories of people being harassed and even beaten in public by the men who are supposed to be protecting us from that exact thing. With over 12 million people being arrested yearly and over 500,000 of these were violent crimes. More than one million arrests were attributed to property crimes. The statistics show that the predominate race of all people being arrested are white people. Some say there are solutions to these

problems. Some agree that there is nothing wrong with the way the police and law enforcement are doing things. The simple truth is that there is still too much gray area for how police interact with people. Although we as Americans should know that no one is perfect, we do hold people…

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