Police Brutality And The Civil Rights Of Citizens

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Police Brutality, the use of excessive force commonly physical, but also in forms such as: false arrest, racial profiling, surveillance abuse, sexual abuse, verbal attacks and psychological intimidation, by a police officer. This is a ruthless act and issue that continues to be a major problem for both people in law enforcement, but majorly to the public and is life threatening. It is a saddening act that jeopardizes the civil rights of citizens and the rights of people around the world. Police officers are supposed to protect citizens and have more powers than the average citizen: they have the power to arrest, seize property, and the use of deadly force if necessary. Many officers abuse those powers. In doing so you would think they would be prosecuted accordingly but “Thousands of incidents of brutality go unreported each year” (Young Communist League). Police officers have now gotten above the law it seems. Police corruption and perjury is common within the brutality. Also, police brutality a major issue and common in African Americans, people of the LBGT community, people with disabilities and other minority groups in the society.
First and foremost police brutality is most common as racial profiling. Police profiling against people with disabilities, race and sexuality. “Brutality can be thought as a deliberate action police undertake towards suspects of powerless social groups. Homosexuals, racial minorities” (Skolnick). Some officer’s views of social class value have…
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