Police Brutality And The Law Enforcement

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Police Brutality The duties of law enforcement involve looking after the American people. As the Los Angeles Police Department puts it, it is the police’s duty to “Protect and Serve” the community. As Americans, we should expect to be able to rely on local police to solve our problems and bring peace and stability to society. Yet, as current events have shown, these promises are not always fulfilled. Since the late 1960s, America has begun to grow from a racially segregated nation, into one of unity and equality. Today there is no doubt that immense progress has been made, however events involving our law enforcement and minorities has seemed to halt such progress. Police brutality continues to be a major issue nationwide with the continuous use of excessive force and racial profiling by police departments across the United States; however, such actions have been combated by the use of technology and social media. Police officers hold the responsibility to utilize their best judgement when it comes to enforcing the law. In order to accomplish this, police officers are obviously given great power and authority against the people. Mishandling of these givens have popped up on media outlets for years. From Rodney King in the 1990s to the shooting of Michael Brown in 2014, it seems change has yet to come. The officers in these cases often are acquitted by grand juries, proving the lack of action done by lawmakers to ensure such actions of police brutality lead to
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