Police Brutality And The Police Force

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Police Brutality
Isn’t our police force supposed to serve and protect us? To me it seems as though a lot of them have been taking advantage of their power and taking advantage of American citizens. For whatever reason our police seem to be doing things backwards from every other police system in the world. For example our cops do not stand out to the public where as in Europe and Asia’s police are bright yellow with checkered patterns, in order to allow the public to easily notice them and have the ability to call out to them for help when they’re needed. However our police likes to stay hidden and undercover from its citizen, and for what reason? Why are they hiding from us, they sneak around to try and get us in trouble for things that aren’t even a problem in most cases, like minor speeding tickets. They do this to meet their quotas. But that’s not where it stops. Police brutality is not something that’s suddenly uprising; it’s been around for a very long time. however recently it has been brought to headliners and gained the attention of hundreds of Americans due to the more drastic story’s that have been happening lately. Unfortunately a lot of these stories center around racism that still exists these days and not all cases of police brutality are caused from racism, but a majority of them are and there’s no denying that.
Police brutality has been around for a very long time, repeated actions of violating citizens and getting away with it. Repeated events of people…
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