Police Brutality And The Riot

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During 1992 in South Central Los Angeles, a riot started after the news of four white Los Angeles police officers beating Rodney King was published on TV. It became daily news. The riot caused many crimes to occur; participants of the riot burned down business stores, destroyed properties, and some activities involved guns that have led to many deaths. Many South Central residents were unsatisfied with police brutality and the way their community were being treated. Although the riot only lasted for about a week, about 52 people were killed (Kivisto and Rundblad 82). The whole neighborhood were ruined and destroyed. Ever since that riot, there were over 1 million property loss (Kivisto and Rundblad 82), and over 700 businesses were burned down (Bergesen and Herman para. 1). Many people lost their jobs because their workplace were destroyed.
There were many different reasons that may have caused the 1992 riot in Los Angeles to occur. However, not all of them were the main reasons of the riot. There were many side causes, for instance, after the video of Rodney King being beaten was shown on television, residents of South Central Los Angeles started to act up. They were affected by how King was being mistreated and how police brutality played a big role in the video and their society. King’s incident was very similar to many other cases. For example, Anna Deavere Smith mentioned a case about Michael Zinzun from her book Twilight Los Angeles 1992, Zinzun witnessed a police
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