Police Brutality And Ways Of Reducing It

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Analyzing Police Brutality and Ways to Reduce it
Abstract: Police use of force is a controversial topic in today’s society. It is now happening at a dramatically increased rate in some of the finest police departments in the United States. As an integral part of police work, officers are tasked with detaining individuals who break the law. Part of detaining those individuals, officers use discretion when determining the amount of force to use on a suspect if they become too resistant. But many of those officers are using unnecessary force against those suspect in fear of their safety. Those officers use physical force which often times becomes police brutality. Officers are often not held accountable for their actions because their actions are always deemed as justifiable. But how many of those cases are not justifiable to their actions? Even when the proof is there they are not held accountable. Many researchers have conducted research how and why these problems have occurred and the possible solutions. In this paper, I plan to review and advance on what can be done to reduce police brutality. Looking at six different sources relating to the research question. I have found that not all of the data in the articles is substantial enough to answers how we can reduce the occurrences of those situations. The research conducted is good enough but further research is needed to reach mitigation strategies for possible solutions. There needs to be improvement made on the DOJs end in…

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