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Crying Wolf: How Everything Is Police Brutality

When you were a child, you most likely have read the story “The boy who cried wolf”. What this story taught you was that it isn’t a joke to go run and tell people something happened when it didn’t because eventually people will stop listening. So why is it almost every time a police officer takes someone to the ground they cry “police brutality”? Police officers are here to maintain order, protect citizens and safe guard property. They should not have to worry about if a miniscule action they take is a career ending one, but on the opposing side their authority and power should have its limits and limitations. Police Brutality does happen from time to time, but not to the extent
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Hours and hours of training and classes are mandatory before an officer is allowed to go on patrol. For instance on average a police recruit spends 761 hours in a class room going over everything from proper use of force, to when should my use of force be escalated as well as on average of spending 453 hours on a mandatory field component to further hone their skills(bjs.ojp.usdoj.gov). Now why with all of this training would it be thought that police officers are not subject matter experts in their field? Why is it that everyone feels that police officers do not know there job well or that they constantly do certain things they aren’t supposed to? Maybe it stems from an overall lake of respect for police officers that a good majority have, or possible that media itself show police officers a good majority of the time to be blundering idiots or the bad guys. Either way simple numbers do not lie. Police officers are given a considerable amount of training pertaining to using the tools at their disposal as well as the proper escalation and use of force, so there really can’t be someone crying wolf on that police officer have no idea, knowledge, or training pertaining to their job field. Unfortunately not every person is tolerant of every race, religion or nationality. Sometimes a person does not like a certain group of people for whatever reason. Is this a very ignorant quality? Many say yes. Now do some of these people

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