Police Brutality

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HYBRID ESSAY- Police brutality in African American community.

My essay will be about police brutality in the African American community. I will present facts about police brutality in the African American community, I will also go deeper about the history of police brutality and also will get into the history and how police started as first in America. My first book that I researched and this topic of this book caught my eye, which was called black rage in New Orleans, with the title as police brutality and African American activism from world war 2 to hurricane Katerina. First The book and article are given information about how African American’s were treated after World War 2, and how they were trying to figure out a place to build and live. But having the police harass them where ever they went was a problem back in the day. It also talks about white privilege, but them having that then they were fine with African American’s been harassed and killed but the police because it didn’t affect them which was easier for the dominant society to look past police brutality. Gail O Brien notes in her study of police violence in Tennessee, “ the police operated as frontline guardians of an arbitrary criminal justice system and a social order to control black American’s in their relations with whites but that offered blacks little protection from whites or from one another”. With that fact being know that police at the beginning were not here to protect African American’s and
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