Police Brutality

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Police brutality is one of the several forms of police misconduct with involves undue violence by police members. Police brutality is not only a past issue, but a recent and ongoing issue which affects the lives of minority's and people all over the county today. Not only should minorities be aware of this violence, but other races should be alert. Familiar cases such as the Michael Brown and the Plessy vs. Ferguson is an example of police violence. The tragedies that occurred throughout the years has been very important to many people today. Many people feel threating and sometimes afraid of police officers. With an issue like this we should be very aware. J. Cole song “Neighbors” uses many examples of police violence against minorities. The overall song is racial issues towards minorities. The police violated J. Cole and his friends just because they were black living in a white wealthy neighborhood. African Americans has been targeting on multiples occasions by the police enforcement based on the color of their skin. Violent actions made by police against innocent and/or defenseless Africans Americans has led to horrific life altering injuries and even death. Creating harsher punishments towards the officers who’ve committed these crimes should be enforced to give justice to the families of their victims. African Americans deal with racial profiling every day from police officers. “Black communities are more frequently patrolled than other areas, a practice that

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