Police Brutality

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Police Brutality? Situations which a law enforcement officer is required to use force is extremely rare. So rare, that when an officers calls are looked at over the course of a year; less than 1% of calls were reported with force being necessary. The nature of which a police officer needs to use force usually is the outcome of how a suspect’s behavior is to the officer or situation. Society grants police officers a certain amount of authority within the limits of the constitution to uphold the law and protect the public. However, there have been circumstances over time where an officer or officers have overstepped the limits in which they are bound by law. Misconduct and Brutality in the U.S. Every citizen in the United States has…show more content…
Examples of high profiled police abuse and misconduct are; The Rodney King situation and the Rampart scandal of the LAPD. These are cases in which the main streamed media paid lots of attention and reported on daily for many months. 95-Year-Old Man Killed by Cops In Illinois a 95-year-old man died as the result of a confrontation with law enforcement officers. The man became confrontational when the officers arrived and in the end, the man was shot with a Taser gun and less-lethal bean bag rounds. The man was the resident of the nursing home where the incident took place, staff called 911 because of a health concern for the man. The man refused to be transported to the hospital and the staff of the facility claimed he threatened paramedics with a cane and shoe horn. Paramedics then requested officers to be dispatched for their own safety. Police officials stated that the man became combative when they arrived and threatened officers with a knife, forcing them to react by utilizing Taser guns and less-lethal bean bag rounds. According to the medical examiner, the man dies from blunt force trauma to the head and face. The medical examiner stated that the blunt force was in fact due to the less-lethal bean bag rounds. Was this force necessary? Each person may have their own opinion. The police officers apparently felt that their lives were in danger and deadly force was required. Many may feel as if the responding officers could have used different methods

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