Police Brutality In Schools

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Police officers in schools can have many negative repercussions such as; unnecessary arrests, distracting from learning, and threatening the safety of the students.
Unnecessary Arrests in Schools In the August of 2015 a police officer working in an elementary schools handcuffed an eight year old boys’ elbows together for behavior that was correlated with ADHD. This is abusing the power that the police has. The United States is 5% of the world’s population but 25% of the world’s prison population. When students are in an environment where there are often arrests, they could grow up thinking that it is normal for the police to frequently arrest anyone. This could lead to the normality of police officers manipulating people in order to abuse
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In October of 2015 an officer working in Spring Valley High violently dragged a student out of her seat after she refused to leave the class. The officer’s approach was exceptionally violent and unnecessary. If there is a disruptive student, teachers do not call the police because a student’s conduct does not affect whether they get arrested or not. This cop hurt the girl more than she would have hurt anyone else in the situation. Also, when children see police officers abusing their power, they lose their faith in the police force and feel as if there is no one protecting them from actual…show more content…
Police officers could bring just as much damage, if not more, than delinquents could in school. Keeping them in the hallways with the children is too hazardous. While it is true that not all police officers will abuse their power, it is impossible to tell the difference between those that would put them in any danger, and those that wouldn’t. If they are not there at all, then there would be no chances of police brutality. Police carry around weapons, which is dangerous to have around children because it could lead to unnecessary shootings. The police could also needlessly arrest students for unimportant misconducts. For example, a Birmingham police officer was guilty of pepper spraying eight students in 2010. One of the students was a pregnant 15 year old whose crime was crying in the hallway after being verbally harassed by another student. The police could hurt students that are not being aggressive with them in any way. Not having police in schools at all could prevent any of the students from being abused with weapons or unnecessary
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