Police Brutality Is An Act Of Aggression And Unnecessary Force

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Did you know the estimate annual cost of police misconduct to taxpayers is 1.8 trillion dollars (Wing 2015)? Police brutality is an act of aggression and unnecessary force to handle a situation, most cases in physical form. It also plays a role in ethnicity, not all, but most police officers are still racial profiling. This controversy has been an issue of the U.S criminal justice system for decades, especially among minorities. In 2015, a record 1,207 people were killed by American police, making us the only nation in the world to have the most killings by police offers. An average two to three people are killed a day by police offers, then any other nations have killed people in an entire year (King 2016). There’s always been two sides…show more content…
It’s a partial solution but we know those cameras don’t solve the issue when there’s not enough effective policies put in place, instead those cameras have captured killings of civilians by police officers, such as Rash Curbean, age 20, who was an unarmed robbery suspect, shot and killed in the back and the Grand jury chose not to indict the officer (DailyMail.com 2015). Cameras, having small visual recording is a waste of time, even though it helps with evidence, police brutality has not been declining since. Cameras are not going to magically fix how all police officers act, what they were trained to do is how they will perform. Secondly, when joining the police force, we assume the individual wants to help, protect and serve. But most of the people join because it’s a job they can get, depending on which police department, requires only military experience, high school diploma, or have 60 credit hours of post-secondary education (Grabiner 2016). Police recruiters are required to find people who can complete their academy training and perform the highest level of service in a short amount of time. As a result, the Author, Gene Grabiner encourages all veterans to take this opportunity and join the police department, and like so many other, vets need jobs when they return home. So, what so wrong about recruiting vets to join law enforcements? I mean, they have well trained experience from the combat field and are committed to protect and serve. But this could
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