Police Brutality Is Becoming Worse And More Documented With The Use Of Cell Phones

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My topic is going to be on police brutality. I chose this topic because police brutality is becoming worse and more documented with the use of cell phones. There are several ways to define police brutality. One way is regarding excessive force or displays of power that are stronger than is necessary to keep a situation safe and in control. I wanted to do more investigating on this topic, since more cases of police brutality which have been recorded have been surfacing on new outlets, to enlighten myself on it. I believe this was the best choice of topics for me to choose. Police brutality has had a long history in the U.S. In the early days of policing, acts of mass brutality were usually attributed to the weak labor workers. While the…show more content…
Currently, the trend is when being approached by an officer or seeing someone being harassed the average person will pull out their cell phone to record the situation taking place. The social climate has shifted to one where much of the historic trust that has been put in police officers has become questioned following the events in Ferguson, Missouri, and Staten Island, New York (shah, 2016). For example the case of the shooting of Walter Scott. Walter Scott was pulled over for a broken tail light but ran from officer Michael Slager. The officer ran after him, and they had a small scuffle over the officer 's taser, but the victim continued to run away when the officer pulled out his gun and shot Walter Scott eight times. Once Scott was lying face down the officer called for backup and picked up an item from the ground which was found to be the taser and placed it next to Mr.Scott 's body. He planted his taser next to me.scott who was lying on the ground. The District Court for the District of Connecticut identified that the Circuit Courts of Appeals had been split as to whether or not the right to record police activity is a constitutional right that is clearly established such that it can defeat a claim of qualified immunity when an officer inhibits those actions (shah, 2016). When a video is recorded by a staff member during an active investigation that clearly shows the officer violating the victim 's
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