Police Brutality Is Not A New Occurrence

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For many, when someone says the word “police” they will picture a clean cut officer in uniform serving to protect their community from harm. However, there are a number of people who will instead picture a monster wielding a firearm and a Taser, ready to strike down anyone who doesn’t obey. This image is one that has been fashioned by police brutality. Police brutality is defined as the use of excessive and/or unnecessary force by police when dealing with civilians. Police brutality can also take the form of false arrests, verbal abuse, psychological intimidation, sexual abuse, police corruption, racial profiling, political repression and the improper use of Tasers. To begin with, police brutality is not a new occurrence; it has been around as long as there has been some sort of policing system. Specifically in the United States, it has always been present, although it has recently been gaining attention and has even become a debate topic for the upcoming elections. This is essentially a repeat of what has happened in the past. Police brutality is not something we are unaccustomed to in our country, however when it happens the whole nation seems shocked, wondering how it keeps happening, thinking it to be something of the past.
Police brutality is still very much a problem in the United States, in 2015 alone there have been numerous uprisings, riots, and protests, many of which result in more violence. In 2002 alone, there were 26,556 citizen complaints about police use
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