Police Brutality Of Police Officers

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Recently police have come under fire for the deaths of many unarmed African American males. This has broken the trust between civilians and police and torn our country apart. People are frustrated about the killings of unarmed citizens and how it seems every officer can get away with killing an unarmed suspect. Back in 1994 a law was passed that required the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to record date on police involved shooting and deaths by police officers. Except where are the numbers that would show there is an increase in unarmed African American deaths from police officers? The 1994 law requires the FBI to keep record of police shootings across the United States. However, the only police shooting records that could be found on the FBI website was “Justified Homicide From on Duty Officers from 2008-2012”. So the question becomes where is the data that proves there is an increase in African American deaths by the hands of police officers. With the recent outcry of “Police Brutality” you would think that the FBI would’ve released records or started recording any and all police shootings. Experts say that we aren’t experiencing an increase in police shootings just an increase in media coverage of police shootings. According to a professor from University from Albany who teaches sociology says his research has found that major news agencies have elevated the coverage of police fatalities despite the decrease of police killings according to statistics. Aaron
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