Essay on Police Brutality

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Police Brutality

Government policies reflect choices made among conflicting values and many different people, groups, and institutions influence policy decisions. Police brutality is influenced by many, such as our American political ideals of civil rights and liberties, the political process in terms of the media and our political institutions, one which the courts.

CIVIL RIGHTS:Whats are out civil rights and liberties relating to the public policy issue of police brutality? Our civil rights and liberties are embedded in our constitution and state religion, freedom of speech, the rights to assemble peacefully and to petition the government, the right to bear arms, freedom of the press, the rights of the criminally accused,
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Many people in the minority community believe that white police officers are far more responsible for abusive conduct toward minorities than any other group(2). The authors of Beyond the Rodney King Story conclude that “ Police abuse in America largely consists of white officers abusing minority citizens. Rickie Clark of the National
Black Police Association, testified that his organization has yet to receive a complaint from a white person claiming mistreatment by a black officer”. Carol Heppe of Police Watch testified that the “federal government has a duty to compile statistics on state prosecutions of the police and to conduct studies of police abuse in its capacity as guranteed of the civil and human rights of all U.S citizens”(4). Though our civil liberties and rights are supposed to be guaranteed, it clearly seems as if they are deeply violated when it comes to police brutality, especially against minorities. Ronald Hampton, a retired D.C. police officer and executive director of the National Black Police Association says “Politicians and police have said that for us to deal with this effectively you almost have to be willing to give up some of your rights and privileges”(5). Though we have rights, the police seem to have more. “-Police men have the right to stop one when one is driving a car and ask to see ones license and registration. -Police men have the right to briefly ask one questions on the

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