Police Brutality Racism

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Police brutality in America has been known to put fear in the lives of many Americans. Although police brutality is played out across all avenues of the media and many people see this happening, it yet does not change the fact that racism still exists in the justice system of America. People in positions of power yet have not done anything to rectify the situation and this has lead to the rise of “Black Lives Matter” movement. Numerous opportunities have been presented to officials to speak up about this one huge problem in America, yet there is so much more that can be done to help better the racial tension between police and people of color. If the racial tension between law enforcement and people of color continues to grow in America…show more content…
Only rarely do officers use excessive force, though they must often make instant decisions in tense situations. Crime has steadily declined over the last two decades as the result of assertive policing. Creating civilian review boards only adds to bureaucracy, invites political manipulation, and keeps police from doing their jobs. Those who agree that the appropriate force is used are oblivious to the fact that not all policemen use the right amount of force and could possibly be racist but this goes unrecognized. The death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri was due to excessive force and caused riots in the year of 2014 because many believe it was due to racism in the justice system. The justice system is also failing because it lets cops who kill these innocent men go and return to the force after suspension. Many say, “the deaths of black men like Brown at the hands of police are far too common”. Indeed, these deaths are common and body cameras will help eliminate these problems. If these these deaths of black men are common, why are body cameras for policemen a such big deal and why do many disagree with the use of body cameras”? This question in particular is asked by many supporters who support the use of the body cam to opposers of the body cam. Opposers say:
The presence of cameras will
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