Police Brutality Throughout The World

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Research Paper Many people see cases of police brutality all throughout the world from the real life situations to the television. In some cases, police brutality could be racial. Look at examples like Michael Brown Garner and Sefolosha’s and others. These were some of the most famous cases today. The police had no reason to treat them like dogs, because the grabbing and the hitting made them feel worthless. Some cases that haven’t been reported I have seen in my city, A cop was taking money from an innocent civilian that was just minding his own business. One other situation that I encountered was with my stepfather. He was minding his own business when a cop ran into him and tackled him as if he was a criminal. This occurred to my…show more content…
Police use of highly armed Swat teams has risen by 1500 percent in the last two decades, and many police departments have cultivated an “us vs. them” mentality toward the public they ostensibly serve” (Kristian, 2014). Although possession of these weapons do not cause misconduct, as the old saying goes, when you have a hammer, everything begins to look like a nail.” In this article shows how police use weapons as powerful as the military and because of this matter many police officers use their weapons to overpower civilians. Police officers go over the limit of what they can and can’t do. “Last week, a judge found Brelo not guilty on the charges stemming from the incident, ruling that the shooting was justified and that it was impossible to determine if the fatal shots were fired by him or one of the other 12 officers. Brelo was the only officer facing criminal charges in the shooting and remains on the force. Though the Cleveland Police Department astonishing trigger-happiness led to justice Department review the culminated this week with an expansive set of reforms which the head of a Cleveland police union has already denounced, the city’s taxpayers have been on the hook for the tragic mistake for months” (Kristian, 2014). Out of all the twelve officer’s only Brelo was charged with facing criminal charges in the shooting. This shows how many of the officers get away with
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