Police Brutality and Profiling

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America as a people gloat when it comes to our freedoms we think we have it better than every other country out there but the protectors of our freedom are becoming fear and hated because of the injustices committed by certain officers. Some say life of an officer is hard because they do not know if they will ever see their family again after they drive out of their house in the morning, others might say every officer knows what they were signing up for so they should not be pitied. Police officers face dangers everyday but profiling and racially motivated brutality is not justifiable and officers should be severely punished for committing these crimes. To begin with police officers faces more dangers than the average American citizen,…show more content…
While the quote shows what officers will do to get home at night it also shows they might do the wrong thing to get home at night. Excessive force is generally beyond the force a reasonable and prudent law enforcement officer would use under the circumstances.
Excessive force is the official police term, but people who say they have suffered beatings and witnesses to the scenes use more vivid terms. They remember fragile heads pounded on concrete. They tell of being pulled feet first from police cars while cuffed so that their unprotected heads hit the ground. They show their scars. They point to bruises where facial bones were broken or where police batons impacted soft belly flesh. (Stewart)

Figure 1. Types of excessive force reported for brutality (Villa). The effects of brutality are just as brutality are just as bad as the excessive force. One Chicago man, hit repeatedly with a nightstick, has suffered seizures because of the beating in the six years since the incident (Stewart 61). Figure 2. Fatalities due to excessive force (Villa).
Brutality does not only affect the people who were attacked but also the people who either saw, heard of, or know of the person attacked. When citizens get attacked by the very people who protect them, they will lose their sense of trust in the law. Once law enforcement no longer has the trust of the people they cannot do their job properly because no one would want to help
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