Police Cameras, An Important Element That Helps Others Essay

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Police cameras, an important element that helps others understand the complexity that occurs during a traffic stop, confrontation, or investigation. According to the National Institute of Justice, a survey was done using various police departments, and the survey concluded that 75% of the police forces do not use cameras on the job. Police cameras can be the difference between innocent versus guilty, hero versus villain, and in some circumstances, life versus death. There are many debates in society today that are focused on whether or not police officers should be required to use dashboard cameras and body cameras. "Who should care about this topic?" one might ask. The answer to that question is very simple, the answer is everyone. Whether it is the police officer doing the investigation, or the person being investigated, everybody should care because that footage will help bring justice. Currently, there is no law set forth in the United States that requires police officers to use any type of camera. Many people are against the use cameras because of privacy reasons. However, many police forces in the United States have chosen to use camera footage even without a law being put in place. Using the cameras is a great tool for investigation purposes, behavior purposes, and safety purposes; therefore, police officers should be required to wear and use cameras during their patrol shifts. During investigations, investigators look for every little piece of evidence there could
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