Police Codes Of Conduct And Police Code Of Ethics

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Police officers are held to a higher standard than most members in society and the community they serve. Not only must they observe and abide by the common law of the land, there are additional rules and principles they must abide by. This is illustrated in the police officer 's code of conduct and police code of ethics. Many police departments have their own "code of conduct" which are to be followed by the officers. Just like any other profession, there are no fool proof rules and standards. People will (for whatever reason ) try to beat the system or just plain fall short of whats required of them. That’s why ethics and codes of conduct are so important. They basically let an employee know whats expected of them. There is no difference when it comes to law enforcement. The rules of conduct set forth in an law enforcement 's agency policy are intended to provide specific standards of conduct incorporated in the agency 's code of ethics and the agency’s statement of values so that officers of the agency will better understand laws and regulations pertaining to their conduct and activities while on and off duty. Law enforcement ethics and code of conduct models are used by various police law-enforcement agencies that operate here in the United States. Federal Police, Federal Law Enforcement Officers, State Police which may be called State Patrol or Highway Patrol, County Police (which tend to exist only in metropolitan counties and have countywide jurisdiction), Sheriffs…

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