Police Contaliality : The Problem Of Police Brutality

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Police Brutality needs to be addressed because sometimes police use too much force on suspects when there is no reason too. Most police brutality goes unreported due to suspects being afraid to speak up. Most police misconduct is making untrue statements and filing untrue reports. Some police think that citizens should always defer to them and their authority. Most suspects believe that they do not need to do what is asked of a police officer and that leads to police misconduct. Younger officers usually tend to be more aggressive to suspects because they think they have something bigger to prove. Younger suspects that have charges on their records tend to try and run or harm the police officer because they think they have a better chance…show more content…
In many cases they are correct but 7 times out of 10, their race has nothing to do with it. Most police brutality cases are directed to minority groups, even though there is a lot of cases that deal with older people, younger suspects are usually the ones that cops put the most force on. Most police brutality is directed towards younger minority groups due to younger suspects being less cooperative with police and being disrespectful. Black suspects are twice more likely to be unarmed and killed than white suspects. Native Americans are just as likely to be involved in police brutality as black suspects. 32% of black suspects are killed from a police meanwhile 15% white people are killed by police. 25% of hispanics in the world are killed by police. Most races other than white are killed by police just because police take their race as a bigger threat. In 2011, 5.1 million american indians and alaska natives were discovered to live in the US. Black officers are more likely to fire their weapon than white because they feel as if they have a bad reputation and think people are out to get them. Around 4.5 million black americans live in the U.S. Police brutality and misconduct are the major contemporary forms of state-sensored racist violence. Over the past 5,000 years colored people, especially african americans have had a pattern of state

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