Police Corruption And Criminal Justice

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All Police are Corrupt Police corruption today is becoming an issue more and more. Today’s police, especially in densely populated areas, are well known for using excessive force on ethnic minorities, lower classes such as the homeless, and sexually abusing women and children; whether directly or indirectly. Anyone who does not follow the orders of the police, regardless of laws, is subject to police corruption and imprisonment. In cases of anticorruption the officer, judge, or public official is removed from their position by the corrupt establishment within a short amount of time. This systematic approach to corrupt political governship can be seen daily across the country causing public outrage, protests, and in some cases even riots. Why police are corrupt, and the biased system that supports corruption against minority races, lower class citizens, and females.
‘”The people in a position to do something about brutality and racism are products of the system”, explains James Fyfe, a former New York City cop who teaches criminal justice at Temple University. “There 's a sense that their loyalty should be to the department, not to the public”’ (Manning). This us versus them attitude in the police is common, the belief that everyone is a potential criminal because they themselves are. Police are never there to help anyone but themselves because to the police everyone else is beneath them. The police are famous for using excessive force on the homeless population. In Reno…
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