Police Corruption And Its Effect On The Police Force

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While police forces around the world deal with many types of situations, one type

that they should not have to deal with is when a situation comes up with one of their

own being caught as a corrupt officer. Dirty cops seem to be able to hide their dirty

deeds, but after a while, their actions end up catching up with them. This paper will

show what may cause police corruption, steps to prevent corruption, prosecution of

corruption, and a plan on how to change the perceptions of the police. Police

Corruption happens every day in America. The perception of police in America is

dramatically influenced when the corruption becomes known. How can the Police

change its image and what should be the repercussions of corruption?

“As the American police force grew in per capita strength from the mid-nineteenth

century until the first decade of the twentieth when they reached their present strength,

their organization, communication capacity, and uniformed visibility made them civil

servants of general resort, called on to run soup kitchens, inspect boilers, standardize

weights and measures, and recover lost children.” (Monkkonen, 1992) It was not until

the end of the nineteenth century when they began to focus on crime control, so when

that started, public response diminished from social servants to stricter laws. Instead

of serving in soup kitchens and allowing the housing of homeless people, the amount

of police work increased as they were busy
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