Police Corruption And The New Orleans Police Department

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Police Corruption in NOLA Growing up our parent always told us that police officers were the good guys, and the people that committed crimes were the bad guys. There was a time in our lives that we believed that this was true, police are good, and criminals are bad, simple as that. Police officers played a prominent role in our lives growing up, some were looked at as role models, guidance counselors, but most of all they were our friends. However, at what point did that connection dissipate between police officers and the community? This disconnection was most prominently exemplified in the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD), where officer corruption, murder, and lawlessness was ramped within the department. Corruption had become a culture, a way of life for some officers in New Orleans, where supervisors dismissed allegations. Could the use of Rotten Apple mechanism help reduce the corruption in the NOPD? Comparatively, could the application of the Rotten Barrel models provide protection from police misconduct during an investigation?
Culture of Corruption
New Orleans has been a city where millions of tourist go and experience a variety of cultures. Many tourist find that the city’s gentle, slow, and easy-going way of life is intoxicating and continue to return year after year. Thus New Orleans has been dubbed with the iconic nickname “The Big Easy”. However, behind the veil, New Orleans police officers have been committing countless felonies and has been described as
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