Police Corruption in Russia

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Police corruption is defined as when police, in exercising or failing to exercise their authority act with primary intention of furthering private or departmental / division advantage. Police corruption is a big problem all around the world especially in Russia. The Russian citizens have always been on alert when it comes to the police because of the bad laws, failure of knowing there right as citizens, and sticking up for there themselves. Russia is 133rd country out of 176 in the corruption perception index. Russia is high on the list of corruption so what really is going on in this country? Russia is a federal semi-presidential constitutional republic comprising of eighty-five federal subjects. The capital of Russia is Moscow and the …show more content…
Its been estimated that the markets corruption has almost exceeded 260 million in 2006. Russian police institutions are far more centralized than the U.S. police, which could mean that Russians' views of the police are closely associated with their views of other federal government institutions rather than their personal experiences Corruption (Feifer, 2003). Russia corruption started around the 18th century when the government official would perform Kormlenie corruption, which means authority receiving fees, goods, and services from interested areas (Marenin, 1997). Since 1715 accepting a bribe in Russia was considered a crime. Official started to abuse this power and started to receive fixed salaries. At that time Peter the Great had increased so many fixed salaries that irregularity and bribes where out of control especially for official. Even official of lower rank were able to get these fix’s salaries. By 1922 bribery was considered a counter- revolutionary activity was a criminal code punishable by death. The Bolshevicks established the Russian law enforcement called the militsiya. They intended that their new laws would help enforce authority with having a self-organization of the people to help with laws (Marenin, 1997). By 1917 the official name of the workers was called the Peasant’s Militsiya . Then it was renamed Ministry of Internal Affairs, which became the full name of the milisiya force in the country. This force was known as the police for the

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