Essay about Police Courts and Corrections

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Abel Lazo CRJS 291 9-20-12 Police 1. What is the management structure of the police component? * The police management has a component called watchmen style of procedures which inform officers to ignore minor violations, and settle disputes formally by meeting out street justice. * Another component the police management follows is legalistic style which tells the officers to preform matters formally. With legalistic style the administrators reduce discretion to a minimum and emphasize uniform and impartial arrest for all crimes. * The police management also follows a component called service style in which the management stresses community service above law enforcement. 2. What are the differences between the…show more content…
6. How do the various personnel roles in the component impact the criminal justices system as a whole? * Officers are instructed to provide safety in the community, and enforce the law. Issuing a suspect to court is the job of the police and it is the job of the police to make sure that the suspect is convicted for their crime and issued to a correctional facility if the offence meets the requirements. By incarcerating individuals and issuing punishments such as tickets the community follows the rules and safety is provided. 7. What issues or challenges do the various types of personnel encounter when carrying out their duties? * The police has many dangers due to the criminals is society today. Officers may be fired at while on duty, injured on a pursuit, or even on a simple traffic stop. Another danger with police is the amount of stress they receive while providing service. Criminal Courts 1. What is the management structure of the component? * In the criminal courts a judge and sometimes a jury hears a witnesses testimony and other evidence and decide cases by applying relevant law to the relevant facts. People who are not satisfied with a trial court decision appeal cases to judges in the appellate courts. 2. What are the differences between the organizations in this component as compared to the other two? * Courts: Court is
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