Police Department And Other Agencies Within The Criminal Justice System Essay

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As Chief I have decided to form an 8-unit task force. This operation will be a collaborative effort involving both the Virtual Police Department and other appropriate “partner” agencies within the criminal justice system. We have decided that there will be 6 departmental units that will be included on the task force from the Virtual Police Department. Our Patrol and Investigations commanders will lead the way in leading the unit to stopping this unethical crime. Our Patrol, Narcotics/Vice, Criminal Gangs and Canine units will lead the charge in the field! They will investigate and leave no stone unturned until we find the individuals we are looking for. We will also use our Evidence Locker to store any evidence that we collect as we build our case. Unfortunately not all units will be part of this task force. These include our Aviation, Animal Control, School Resource Officers and Cybercrime units. We have more of a need for them in other areas where crime is on the rise. We will also be using two other non-departmental units from the Criminal Justice System. These will include the local judicial office our Court, and our local DEA agency… We will lead this proposal by talking about our units that we will be using in the task force…
The Six Departmental units that will be included in the task force:
1) Patrol/ Investigations Commanders
a) These commanders were chosen due to having an essential skill set that includes excellent customer service based skills, which include
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