Police Department : Call For An Emergency

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Nyta Vath
Flavia Ruzi
English 1A
12 November 2014
Police Department: Call for an Emergency The University of California, Riverside, is known for its high crime rate. We constantly get notices and emergency warnings about robberies and kidnappings. As students, we walk in fear at night. Whether we live on campus or near campus, the chances of being mugged or sexually assaulted is always a possibility. When a person is afraid, his or her movements are limited. Thus, the existence of a police department on campus can help expand those limitations as it provides protection.
The presence of a police department allows students to feel safe. The UCR police department (UCRPD) is located toward the beginning of campus housing. Similar to any other building on campus, the building’s interior can be seen through clear glass. Located near PARKING LOT 24, surrounded by lively green grass, the building is painted white. At the top, a sign read in capital letters, “POLICE.” The sign is identical to any other police stations on television. Then, at the door, printed in bold and capitalized letters on normal printing paper, a sign read, “THE DOOR WILL AUTOMATICALLY CLOSE.” Everything seemed to be in signs as no one was available to instruct people.
Inside the building, there was a silence and emptiness that I did not expect. After watching Cops and 21 Jump Street, I expected the building to be filled with police officers and detainees, noises and disturbances. However, no one was at the

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