Police Department Demographics

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After the attacks of September 11, 2001 the New York Police Department has felt the need to tighten their security around the city in order to keep the city safe. The New York Police Department believes that they can not leave protecting New York, a city that is exposed to many security threats daily up to the federal government. In tightening their security they have started to aim towards Muslims and other ethnical groups that they think are a potential security threat. The discovery of the New York Police Department’s Demographics Unit which was the department that was secretly spying on Muslims would not have been discovered and brought to our attention without the help of modern day muckraking through investigative journalism. Modern day…show more content…
Through various articles Adam Goldman, Matt Apuzzo, and Joseph Goldstein have exposed the New York Police Department’s secret Demographics Unit that continued on for over six years (Apuzzo, “New York”). Adam Goldman graduated from the university of Maryland in 1995, and he currently works as an investigative reporter in Washington. Matt Apuzzo is a graduate of Colby College. He has previously worked as a legal affairs writer in Washington and a writer covering police and organized crime for the New Bedford Times in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Both Matt Apuzzo and Adam Goldman received the Pulitzer Prize in 2012 for their investigative reporting about the New York Police Department’s Demographics Unit (Apuzzo, “With”). Joseph Goldstein is a graduate of Harvard. He has been working for the New York Times since 2011 (“Joseph”). The reporters gained their extensive knowledge of the department through over forty interviews. The Demographics Unit that was exposed through investigative articles was kept so secret that even the state which provides the funds for the department had no idea about it. The New York Police Department was unsure of how people would react to the department so they decided to keep the department
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