Police Department For A Domestic Violence Report

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On March 14, 2016, I, Deputy John Arnold, was dispatched to Mounds Police Department for a domestic violence report that occurred in Creek County.

Upon arriving to the Mounds Police Department, I met with the Victims, Cynthia Thygesen and her 16 year old son, Grant Eason. Cynthia states she lives at 9617 West 176th Street South in Creek County with her son and boyfriend, DEFENDANT DARIN SMITH. Cynthia stated she has been in a relationship with SMITH for five years.

Cynthia stated SMITH has been abusive towards her for a while. Cynthia stated she began making preparations to leave SMITH. Cynthia stated on today 's date at approximately 9:00 P.M. SMITH began going through Cynthia 's phone. Cynthia asked SMITH what he was doing when SMITH grabbed Cynthia by the back of the neck and threw her across the garage causing her to fall to the ground. SMITH grabbed Cynthia 's phone and stomped on it, breaking it. Cynthia stated she told her son, Grant Eason, to call 911. Cynthia stated SMITH grabbed Grant 's phone, broke the phone and then punched Grant. Cynthia stated she was in the kitchen with Grant and SMITH when SMITH pulled a gun out and said "I 'm going to blow your fucking brains out." Cynthia stated SMITH shot the gun toward Grant, missing him. Cynthia stated the bullet hit the wall or ceiling in the kitchen. Cynthia described the gun as a Taurus .380 Caliber pistol. Cynthia stated SMITH threw Grant 's truck keys at him and said, "Get the fuck out before I kill…
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