Police Department Roles and Functions

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Police Department Roles and Functions Law enforcement agencies range from local counties all the way up to state and federal levels. Communities are dependent of these agencies to conduct and perform many different roles and functions. All policing agencies perform the same basic duties and responsibilities, which are, maintain law and order, provide community assistance, and investigate crimes. There are agencies that function in a specific jurisdictions or provides a specialized function in a specific jurisdiction. All departments work together to protect citizens, prevent
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The Patriot Act has given authority to enforce federal laws for federal investigations at the state level. The result of these roles and functions allow for local, state, and federal agencies work to better police communities. * What are the roles and functions of patrol work? Provide a list. * Patrols serve many functions for police work. Some commonly used methods of patrol include: * Random Patrol * Directed Patrol * Aggressive Patrol * Saturated Patrol * Random Patrol consists of officers patrolling areas in a random way so that patterns cannot be detected. Random patrols are designed detect crimes taking place and to deter crimes from taking place due to officer patrol presence. Directed patrol is designed to target hot spots or areas known from high crime rates. Crime data is collected and it can be determined what areas and at what times crime is likely to occur. By patrolling at these times, crime can be deterred. Aggressive patrols consist of frequent traffic stops and questioning by officers to draw attention. The attention drawn by these actions can serve as a major deterrence of crime. A saturated patrol is effective by placing a large number of patrols within the same areas. The most common form of police patrolling is with an automobile (Grant & Terry, 2012). Automobile patrols have an advantage because they can cover a large area faster than other means of
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