Police Discretion And Behavior Since Officers

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Although it may sound simple I was surprised to find that the subject itself is more intricate than what I originally expected it to be. I decided to write my research essay on police discretion and behavior since officers often have to alter their power in order to make decisions. Discretion allows the officer the freedom to respond to a situation given by the law procedure. Thus it is vital that the police officer to know how to deal with certain situation when dealing with criminals since they have a substantial decision-making power. When discretion is implemented as a part of the police-public interaction then it must then it must be followed with clear rules and policies. Thus, police discretion and behavior heavily depends on how the suspects reacts, evidence of the offence and characteristics of the victim.
Most Criminals sharing a fair amount of qualities allows police officers with their decision-making. For one criminals behave the way they do because most mimic their hardships and violent childhood thus lack empathy and are unable to be compassionated towards others. I believe that all these factors can motivate a criminal to kill and harm others; police officers most consider the attitude of the suspect and act according to it. Most of the time a suspect will have a hostile and aggressive demeanor towards police officers, but an average citizen will not react in such manner. For police officer to work efficiently he or she must react accordingly using police…

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