Police Enforcement : An Era Of Proactive And Preventative Policing

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The profession of law enforcement has evolved into an era of proactive and preventative policing. The law enforcement community has entered this new era by means of better communication and technology to help track crime and to help create better policing strategies. Police must have the support of the community, agencies and organizations to create public safety. In reaction to recent events that have created tension between law enforcement and members of the community, President Obama signed an Executive Order which created a task force to analyze the distrust the community holds towards law enforcement and ways to restructure 21st century policing styles. Federal, state, local, tribal officials, subject matter experts, community leaders, and representatives of organizations engaged through public hearings, meetings and written communications. The Task Force held seven public listening sessions, heard from over 100 witnesses, and has developed 59 recommendations and dozens of specific action items. Members of the Task Force are confident that these recommendations for action and further study will bring long-term improvements to the ways in which law enforcement agencies interact with and bring positive change to their communities. I support many of the pillar recommendations presented by the task force but I am hesitant to see how law enforcement leaders will enact these changes correctly in their communities and err on the side of caution in regards to implementing

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