Police Enforcement : An Immense Amount Of Scrutiny

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Police departments undergo an immense amount of scrutiny. Many members of society question their motives, if they are performing their jobs adequately, and if they are using police discretion appropriately. Over the years there have been many cases that have involved members of law enforcement or the entire police department, that have placed law enforcement in a negative light. This negative light is attention that neither society nor the police departments will benefit from. One major case that has been in the media is the case of Kelly Thomas. Kelly Thomas was beaten and eventually died from injuries he had sustained from local law enforcement. This case is a major case because it brings awareness to society about police overstepping their boundaries, the lack of training police officers receive with dealing with the mentally ill, and how the mentally ill are treated in the criminal justice system. Kelly Thomas was a 37 year old male that resided in Fullerton California. Kelly Thomas was homeless and was also diagnosed with schizophrenia. Kelly Thomas was beaten by three members of the Fullerton police department. Jay Cicinelli was the first police officer to respond to a disturbance call from a local bar. The call stated that an individual was vandalizing cars. As Cicinelli arrived on the scene, the officer spotted homeless Kelly Thomas. According to statements given by officer Ccinelli, Kelly was uncooperative and resisting. Due to the resisting, officer Cicinelli
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