Police Enforcement And Excessive Force

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I. The problem:

There is a pressing police issue that we need to resolve. I think it is important for the leaders of the police departments to hear and implement a solution. The problem is that there are so many reports of police use of excessive force. This is a serious problem that affects us all. People cannot trust the police department if the officers continue to use excessive force. This can lead to people not reporting crimes and taking matters into their own hands. The police department cannot protect and serve if the officers and community act as if they are at war with each other.
Police officers have become too quick to draw their weapon in a situation sometimes even when there is no need for it all. When officers do not pay close enough attention to the suspect they end up aiming or shooting a weapon at someone that is unarmed. I am very concerned about the safety of the citizens. There are some police officers that let their personal bias get in the way of their jobs. They use more force than is necessary and people get hurt. It is important for us to do something now before this issue becomes any worse.
This use of force issue in a way is time sensitive. The longer we wait to implement a solution the more harm that comes from it. This is not just affecting the safety of the people, but it is also costing the department a lot of time and money. When there are so many complaints of police use of excessive force there is more cost of time and money in courts
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