Police Enforcement And Law Enforcement Essay

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Community policing is the idea of a partnership between officers and communities to become familiar with the communities ' inhabitants. Community policing is also a project set to connect the police community to overall society and avoid the mistreat of citizens and or prevent corrupt officers. Brooks states that policing is "predicated essentially [on] operating in the community and not being of the community"(Kaplan, 2015, para. 6). The idea that police officers do not need to part-take in society is a statement that should not be acceptable in the roles of law enforcement. When police officers do not connect to the society members, there are greater risks of there being mistreat from police officers to members of the community whom may feel like rebelling. If there are more dedicated officers, there is a passion these officers develop that can ensure abilities to serve and protect the community; specifically, due to the idea that the officers allow themselves to become parts of those communities. By improving connections with communities and police, law enforcement jobs will be easier and more enjoyable, in regards to being passionate about the job. This paper will discuss the purpose of community policing and how incorrect community policing can result to police corruption.
While proper use of community policing can decrease the chances of police corruption, not all communities are open to police involvement. According to the Journal of Experimental Criminology (2014),
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