Police Enforcement And The Criminal Justice System

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Within all communities domestically there is a presence of law enforcement. Their duties are to protect, serve and educate the community. Two types of policing are broken windows and community policing. These formal agents of social control are efforts to restrain members of society from engaging in criminal behavior.
Community policing is defined as a process by which members of the community assist law enforcement officers in the deterrence of crime and criminal behavior. This police tactic is a process rather than a static philosophy (Weisburd & Braga, 2006). Aspects of community policing could be citizen courses to help educate members of the community on what crimes are most likely to occur and in what areas crimes are more likely to
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Bain, Robinson, & Conser, (2014) state Patrol officers afford an excellent source of visibility and public relations, providing a bond between the local community and the local police officer, and although evaluations of foot patrols have not provided evidence of a reduction in crime, they have helped nurture mutual respect and support between the service and community (p.268) (Gaarder, Rodriguez, & Zatz, 2004). Community policing helps build a better relationship with individuals and law enforcement. This is important because they can depend on one another and look out for each other. Members of the community as well as law enforcement have a mutual influence on one another. The ability of the police to function as an effective service is often predicated on the positive image they maintain with the general public (Wentz & Schlimgen, 2012). In order for police to function in the most efficient way a positive relationship with the community is of the up most Importance.
Community policing helps specific populations obtain a better relationship with the criminal justice system. Minority groups such as women, African Americans, and adolescents can help build trust with law enforcement officers by engaging in the practice of community policing. Community policing originated as a means of improving police/minority-ethnic community relations (Fielding, 2005).
Bullock (2013, p.126) claims The practice of community policing has evolved over time and has varied
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